Who Made India’s Flag ?

Discovering Pingali Venkaiah: The Man Who Made India’s Flag Pingali Venkaiah was a special person who helped create India’s flag. This is his story. A Person’s Start in Life Pingali Venkaiah was born in 1876 in a small village in India. He loved his country a lot and wanted to help it become free. He […]

The 48 Laws of Power || The Fifth Rule

Understanding the Fifth Rule of “The 48 Laws of Power” In the world of power and influence, a book called “The 48 Laws of Power” gives us some clever advice. One important rule is the fifth rule, which says, “Your Reputation is Important – Protect It Well.” This article will explain this rule and what […]

The 48 Laws of Power : Second Lesson Summery

How to Be Careful with Friends and Learn from Enemies: Lessons from Robert Greene’s Book Introduction In a world where relationships matter a lot, it might sound strange to say you should be careful with your friends. But that’s what Robert Greene talks about in his book. He tells us not to trust our friends […]

The 48 Laws of Power

“Never Outshine the Master” – Understanding the Law from “The 48 Laws of Power” Introduction: In the famous book “The 48 Laws of Power,” there’s a rule called “Never Outshine the Master.” This rule teaches us about the balance between showing our skills and being humble. Let’s explore this law and see how it applies […]

Mental Healing in Ancient Times

Mental Healing in Ancient Times: Discovering Joseph Murphy’s Wisdom Introduction Long ago, before modern medicine, people had special ways to heal their minds and feel better. These practices from ancient times still influence how we think about mental health today. One person who knew a lot about mental healing was Joseph Murphy. Let’s learn more […]

The Amazing Power of Your Subconscious Mind

The Amazing Power of Your Subconscious Mind: Discovering Joseph Murphy’s Incredible Book Introduction Have you ever wondered if there’s a hidden force inside you that can make your dreams come true? Well, it’s real, and it’s called the subconscious mind. In this article, we’ll explore what the subconscious mind is and talk about a fantastic […]